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A Distinguished Dozen

Our town and larger community have been through challenging times in 2021, and we’ve depended on one another for support and encouragement as never before. The Daily Progress wants to recognize your unsung heroes among us in our annual “A Distinguished Dozen” series.

We know there are many people out there who kept up spirits, brought comfort in the midst of great grief and provided healing care to those who were sick or troubled. In many ways, everyone is a hero in 2021!

We want to hear your stories of those who offered love, healing, encouragement and leadership during these especially difficult times. Maybe it was someone in health care, such as a nurse, a respiratory therapist or a doctor who kept you or your loved one alive. Or maybe it was a teacher, a neighbor, a taxi driver or the teenager next door. Tell us who made a big difference to you or the community, or both, and why this person is so special. We will review the names you send us and select 12 for our series. The stories will run for 12 days, beginning Dec. 24.

We greatly appreciate your nominations for this honored tradition of The Daily Progress. We thank you for your loyalty and support, and we look forward to hearing from you. Please send your nominations by Dec. 10 to: Lynne Anderson at


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