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Albemarle High School student charged with assault after reportedly punching teacher

A student at Albemarle High School is facing criminal charges after reportedly punching a teacher so hard they had to seek medical treatment.

The student, whose identity has not been released to the public because of their age, has been charged with three counts of assault.

“The conduct of the student was a severe violation of our school rules and policies,” Albemarle Principal Darah Bonham said in a statement to parents on Friday. “The student, who is a minor, will face both school and criminal consequences due to these actions.”

According to Bonham’s account, the student was in the hallway outside the teacher’s classroom on Friday morning when the teacher tried "redirecting" the student.

"The student was not cooperating and when the teacher approached to identify the student, the student punched her," Bonham told parents.

The teacher received medical treatment at the school nurse’s office, according to Bonham. When The Daily Progress reached out to Albemarle County Public Schools, school division spokeswoman Helen Dunn would not provide the teacher’s identity or the severity of their injuries.

Albemarle High School administrators and security teams both responded to the incident and transported the student to the school office Friday morning. The administrators then contacted Albemarle County police who came to the school and charged the student with three counts of assault.

The punch was not the only act of student-teacher aggression that day, according to the school.

In his message to parents, Bonham also mentioned another "situation" in which “a student inappropriately touched a staff member in the face.”

Again, the school division’s spokeswoman would not provide any additional details regarding the second "situation," other than to say the two were related.

“I want to assure you that we take the safety and security of our students and staff seriously, and such incidents will not be tolerated in our school,” said Bonham in his message to parents.


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