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Albemarle police warn of fraudulent letter

A warning letter emblazoned with an Albemarle County Police Department logo and placed on a car parked in the Grayrock subdivision near Crozet is a fraud, police officials say.

Police are investigating the letter, which was signed by the “summons division” of the police department. That division does not exist.

On Monday, the department “received a report of what appeared to be an official [police] letter placed on a citizen’s car in the Grayrock subdivision, near Jarmans Gap Road in Albemarle County,” police said in a statement Tuesday. “The Albemarle County Police Department would like to inform the community that there is no summons division within [the department] and this fraudulent notification is a work of fiction.”

The letter is a warning that police had received noise and nuisance complaints about the car being parked for long periods on subdivision property, according to a copy distributed by police.

“Any possible future encounters will require this vehicle to have verification of residence in this neighborhood,” the phony warning states. “If fishing on the ponds, the same proof of residency will be required as these are private areas of the Grayrock Community.”

The notice asks that if the car owner is visiting someone in the community, the car remain parked at that residence while in the subdivision.

Police do not enforce rules in the subdivision. That falls to the Grayrock Homeowners Association’s board of directors, which manages the subdivision’s common areas and amenities, according to its website.

A spokesperson for the board said members had not been contacted regarding the letter. They declined to comment.

Police are investigating the sham note and are asking anyone who received a similar letter to call (434) 296-5808 and file a police report, or call Crime Stoppers at (434) 977-4000.


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