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Another arrest lands senior citizen facing drug charges back in jail

Due to his 41 felony convictions, Gary Wayne Woodson was held without bail after his early September arrest on drug charges until he won a medical furlough that sprung him last month from the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail. However, a prosecutor told a judge on Tuesday morning that the 66-year-old was nabbed doing a drug deal in the parking lot of the Fifth Street Food Lion on Monday night.

“He’s on federal probation and will likely receive a federal probation violation,” Senior Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Nina-Alice Antony told the court after informing the judge that Woodson was found toting 550 grams of methamphetamine across the grocery store’s parking lot. For these reasons, Antony said, the commonwealth of Virginia opposed bail.

“But I’m going to die if I don’t get this treatment,” Woodson exclaimed on the video feed from the jail to Charlottesville General District Court, where his bail request was being considered by Judge Andrew Sneathern.

Last month, during a preliminary hearing in Albemarle County, heard by the same judge, a police officer testified to finding a smorgasbord of drugs and paraphernalia after a Sept. 5 traffic stop of Woodson’s Hyundai sedan. But before that case could be heard by a grand jury, Woodson won the medical furlough that freed him on Feb. 4.

The furlough paperwork signed by an Albemarle prosecutor, a defense attorney and a judge said that Woodson was not to consume any drugs. While it didn’t say anything about selling drugs, Woodson blurted out a proclamation of innocence before the judge could stop him.

“I have looked at your criminal history, sir,” said Sneathern. “I’m not going to set bond.”

Woodson’s next hearing on the new felony distribution charge is slated for April 27.


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