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Charlottesville holiday lights tour — pandemic style

What does a family do with a close-quartered, beloved holiday tradition when in the middle of a pandemic?

They safely improvise! And that’s exactly what our Lorenzoni crew — cousins, nephews, grandkids and all — did last weekend, as we took our individual family “bubbles” and piled them into six cars and toured, caravan style, Charlottesville’s incredible display of holiday lights.

I spent a few hours ahead of time, on my own one evening, exploring the city to find the best of the best. I then set up a safe and accessible route that we could caravan along together to witness it all together, yet safely apart.

We synched our phones, so we could all hear each other simultaneously within the safety and comfort of our separate cars, and off we went, all 23 of us. We oohed, laughed, cheered and had a really fun time “together” as we took in the wonderful holiday lights of our quaint city neighborhoods.

The tour, which is totally within the downtown area, takes about 45 minutes, especially if you slow down as much as we did to fully absorb the amazing light show. Enjoy!

THE TOURU.S. 250 Bypass to High Street

High to Meade Avenue

Meade to Fairway Avenue

Fairway to Chesapeake Street

Chesapeake to Market Street

Market to Meade

Meade to Carlton

Carlton to Rives Street

Rives to Monticello Road

Monticello to Mountain View Street

Mountain View to Quarry

Quarry to Monticello

Monticello to Elliott Avenue

Elliott to Avon Street to High Street

High to Locust Avenue

Locust to Calhoun

Calhoun north to Holmes


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