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Check out our new reader participation feature

We’re excited to announce that our website will launch a new reader participation feature this week.

We have partnered with OpenWeb to bring you a more dynamic, friendly and enjoyable commenting experience across our website.

This fresh experience is easier on the eyes, and we’ve added some great new features:

Publish comments and follow conversations in real time.Benefit from threaded conversations that make it easier to participate and follow.Enjoy better technology that pre-emptively filters out spam, foul language and "trolls" who attack others.

A few more things to know:

Any subscriber and anyone else who has registered an account with our website will be able to use the same login for this new feature as they do for other services.If you don’t have an account, you’ll want to create one before participating. Sign up from the "Log In" link at the very top right of this page.You must be logged in to comment on articles or participate in live chats or similar events. No anonymous comments will be allowed.Comments from our old system will not be migrated to the new system. It’s a clean slate.You will not be able to use your Facebook account to make comments on our website.

To find discussions, go to the bottom of an article on the website, then click or tap the "Comments" button to read and enjoy participating in discussions. Or click the Community Spotlight on our homepage to reveal active conversations across the site.

One more important thing to know: OpenWeb technology helps us more effectively moderate community discussions. We intend to enforce an abuse-free community where conversations add value to your visit and offer insights.

This new feature provides a cleaner, faster, more engaging environment for you to join in community conversations. We hope you join us.

Just click on the comments button below to log in and get started.


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