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Child sex convict faces new penalty in old Charlottesville manslaughter case

Having pleaded guilty in July to two counts of aggravated sexual battery for coercing a 12-year-old girl to have sex with him, 21-year-old Ricky Xavier Dubon-Hernandez learned his sentence late last month.

In Albemarle County Circuit Court he received an active jail term of three years, but that isn’t the end of his legal troubles.

Dubon-Hernandez once killed a man with a motor vehicle. He was granted a suspension of most of the five-year involuntary manslaughter sentence he received, and he was also granted home electronic incarceration and released from that supervision on the last day of May in 2022.

The native of Honduras, whose surname is spelled Duvon-Hernandez in some court files, was supposed to remain on good behavior. Instead, according to prosecution documents, he began sexually pursuing both a 12-year-old child and and another girl who filed a protective order against him. Two months after his release on the manslaughter charge, according to DNA evidence and his own guilty plea, he convinced the 12-year-old to have sexual intercourse.

The ensuing sexual battery convictions have triggered a major violation of his manslaughter sentence. . Dated Oct. 27, the violation report also alleges multiple protective order violations as well as missed and late appointments with probation officers. On Nov. 6, Albemarle County Circuit Judge Claude Worrell signed a bench warrant calling for Dubon-Hernandez’s arrest for probation violation.

The young man’s troubles with the law appear to have begun on the night of Sept. 13, 2020, when he was 18. Around 10 p.m., he was admittedly racing another vehicle northbound on Emmet Street at what he estimated was at about 45 mph. The sentencing order, however, alleged that he was speeding 60-70 mph when he came upon a man in a crosswalk near a Bodo’s bagel restaurant.

Juan Evangelista Lorenzo-Manueles was that man. Age 46 and listed in a court document as a cook, he was struck and killed by Dubon-Hernandez, who never earned a driver’s license, according to court files.

The Daily Progress’ efforts to reach family members of the victim were unsuccessful.

According to a report by Charlottesville Police Department detective C.P. Wagner, the vehicle sped northward on Emmet without stopping, but a witness provided the car’s license plate number.

Within two hours, according to Wagner’s report, police had found the vehicle with its front end damage covered by a tarp at a northern Albemarle address. Images in the court file show a blue sedan with a smashed out windshield among other damage.

Dubon-Hernandez is slated to appear in Charlottesville Circuit Court on Nov. 28 to face the charge of violating probation. If convicted, he could face a reimposition of the three years and two months that were suspended in his manslaughter case.


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