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City investigating E. coli in inner city stream

An inner city stream that feeds into Moores Creek has high levels of the dangerous bacteria E. coli and city officials are warning residents to stay away from its waters.

Pollocks Branch tested positive for the bacteria in the vicinity of Elliot Avenue and Rockland Avenue. The bacterium is a type of fecal coliform bacteria that can cause diseases, severe illness and even death. When it is found in water, it is a strong indicator of sewage or animal waste contamination.

The branch spends most of its flow beneath the city streets, running in a pipe beneath the Downtown Mall and continuing out of site as it flows beneath the IX Art Park before returning to its natural banks near Elliot Avenue.

The stream then runs toward Jordan Park and into Moores Creek.

Recent water quality monitoring conducted by the Rivanna Conservation Alliance detected the elevated E. coli bacterial levels in the waters and local authorities are working to identify and address the problem.

For more information, contact the city’s Water Resources Specialist Dan Frisbee at (434) 970-3997 or


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