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COVID-19 cases rising in TJHD; 22 deaths reported

RICHMOND — The Virginia Department of Health reported Wednesday that the statewide total for COVID-19 cases is 63,203 — an increase of 416 from the 62,787 reported Tuesday.

The 63,203 cases consist of 60,528 confirmed cases and 2,675 probable cases. There are 1,786 COVID-19 deaths in Virginia — 1,681 confirmed and 105 probable. That’s an increase of 23 from the 1,763 reported Tuesday.

The VDH defines probable COVID-19 cases as people who are symptomatic with a known exposure to COVID-19, but whose cases have not been confirmed with a positive test.

The Thomas Jefferson Health District reported two more fatalities today, for a total of 22. There are now 938 reported cases across the district.

Albemarle County has the highest amount of cases in the TJHD, with 407. 31 hospitalizations have been reported, along with nine fatalities.

Nelson County is the only locality within the TJHD without any reported fatalities or hospitalizations. It has 18 cases.

Elsewhere, Charlottesville has 216 reported cases with 17 hospitalizations and four fatalities.

Fluvanna County has 112 cases, seven fatalities and 25 hospitalizations.

Louisa County has 119 cases, 14 hospitalizations and one fatality.

Greene County has 66 cases, seven hospitalizations and one fatality.

Of the 938 cases in the TJHD, 504 cases have been detected in people between the ages of 20-49 (53.7%). People between the ages of 30-39 make up the largest group of cases in the district, with 192 reported cases.

Only 333 cases have been diagnosed in people between the ages of 50-80+.

When it comes to hospitalizations, the vast majority are in people between the ages of 40-80+ (91.5%). People 80 and older have seen the most hospitalizations in the TJHD (26.6%).

Most of the region’s fatalities have been in people 80 and older. Out of the 22 fatalities, 17 are in that age group. Four fatalities have been reported in people between the ages of 60-79, while one fatality has been reported in an individual between the ages of 50-59.

As the overall number of positive COVID-19 test results in Virginia grows, data from the VDH coronavirus dashboard shows the percentage of positive results from testing is down. The seven-day average for percentage of positive test results was at 6.1% as of June 27, which is the most recent figure provided by the VDH. That’s down from a peak of 22.2% on April 19.

The current seven-day positivity rate for PCR tests sits at 7.9%; an increase of 2.8% since June 24. A total of 18,907 PCR testing encounters have been performed in the health district.

When the PCR test counts are combined with antibody testing, the current seven-day positivity rate sits at 7.3%. In total, 21,320 testing encounters have been performed in the TJHD.

PCR testing looks for the presence of active virus particles in a patient, while antibody testing looks for antibodies in a person’s system to determine if they have been exposed to the virus.

Across Virginia, 459 outbreaks have been reported. A majority of the state’s outbreaks have been found in long-term care facilities and congregate settings.

Of the 459 outbreaks, 11,289 cases have been linked to an outbreak.

There are now 14 outreaks of COVID-19 in the TJHD. A new outbreak was reported today in a long-term care facility. There are now five outbreaks that have occurred in the region’s long-term care facilities.

Six outbreaks have been reported in congregate settings, two outbreaks have been reported in the region’s correctional facilities and one outbreak has been reported in an educational setting.

Of the 14 outbreaks in the TJHD, 180 are outbreak-associated.

61 cases of the virus have been detected in healthcare workers, while 3,947 cases have been detected in healthcare workers across the state.

State health officials have said there’s a lag in the reporting of statewide numbers on the VDH website. Figures on the website might not include cases or deaths reported by localities or local health districts.


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