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CPD report reveals disproportionate arrests of Black people

The Charlottesville Police Department released its annual department report for 2021 on Thursday, revealing the department continues to show a trend in arresting more Black people than white people.

In 2021, 56% of total arrests were of Black people, while 42% were of white people. These statistics remain unchanged from 2020, though 2021 saw an decrease in total arrests at 831 down from 922 in 2020.

According to 2020 census data, 65.18% of the city’s population is white and 15.3% of the city’s population is Black.

Representatives from the Charlottesville Police Department did not respond to requests for comment from The Daily Progress.

The report is released annually to present statistical data and more information about the department’s activity. It includes statistics in relation to arrest, crime and detention rates.

“During the ensuing months, we will call upon members of our community to discuss our strategic organizational response, police reform, and the department’s policies and procedures,” Acting Chief of Police Latroy Durrette wrote in the report. “We will use these opportunities of engagement to reaffirm our commitment to service, strengthen trust, and to reassure the community that the members of CPD hold fast to servant leadership and will continue to work diligently to ensure the safety of our citizens and promote community relationship built on trust, transparency, and mutual respect.”

According to the report, there was an uptick in crimes against property in 2021, with 1,998 total offenses, or 320 more than there were in 2020. This included an increase in burglary and breaking and entering, at 129 total offenses, and an increase in destruction of property, at 526 total offenses. There was a large uptick in motor vehicle theft, with 149 offenses in 2021 up from 71 in 2020.

There was an increase in crimes against persons in 2021, with 753 total offenses up from 614 total offenses in 2020. There were 496 simple assault offenses, an increase from 368 offenses in 2020. There were zero homicides in 2021, down from four in 2020.

The department received a total of 36,065 calls for service in 2021, with 50% being non-emergency calls.

According to the report, the department has 117 officers and 35 civilian employees. City Council recently approved a police department budget of more than $216.17 million for Fiscal Year 2023, a 12.46% increase from the current fiscal year.


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