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Dean Yost, Ave Grosenheider race to victories in Charlottesville Ten Miler

Dean Yost and Ave Grosenheider each raced through rainy conditions to pick up victories in the Charlottesville Ten Miler on Saturday morning.

Yost, a 27-year-old Charlottesville resident, completed the course in 52 minutes, 34.88 seconds to win the Ten Miler for the second straight year. Yost was steady throughout the race, running a 5:15-per-mile pace to edge second-place finisher Steven Stine, who crossed the line in 53:18.24.

Stuart Pollock (53:24.64) was third, followed by Bret Greene (54:01.70) in fourth and Thomas Adam (54:44.76) in fifth.

Grosenheider, a 27-year-old Richmond resident, crossed the line in 1:01:08.18 to win the women’s race. Grosenheider ran a 6:07-per-mile pace to narrowly finish ahead of second-place finisher Ashley Palmer (1:03:59.43).

The top five female finishers all completed the course within six seconds of each other. Gabrielle McKenzie came across the line in 1:04:35.85 to finish third. Laurel Sheffield (1:07:20.15) placed fourth, while Bethany Neri (1:07:20.65) came home fifth.

Nearly 1,500 runners completed the race on Saturday.

Among the division winners were Ryan Foster (master’s male), Erin Schott (master’s female), Eduardo Molina Rojo (male 18 and under), Grace Cook (female 18 and under), Nathanael Ferrante (male 19-24), Katie Kenny (female 19-24), Bret Greene (male 25-29), Laurel Sheffield (female 25-29), Campbell Ross (male 30-34), Abigail Brewer (female 30-34), Thomas Adam (male 35-39), Sheryl Rosen (female 35-39), Trent Lawhorn (male 40-44), Kristen Krop (female 40-44), Jason Lehmann (male 45-49) and Holly Faulconer (female 45-49).

In the 50-and-over age groups, the division winners were Guian McKee (male 50-54), Hilary Bart-Smith (female 50-54), Paul Shifflett (male 55-59), Megan McGroddy (female 55-59), Hernan Garbini (male 60-64), Mary Davis (female 60-64), Richard Weaver (male 65-69), Sharon Delawder (female 65-69), Russell Sawyer (male 70-74), Marcia Kraft-Sayre (female 70-74), Jonathan Cannon (male 75-79) and Harriette Fishburne (female 75-79).


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