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Distinguished Dozen is still taking nominations

With December here, the Daily Progress would like to ask for your help to thank charitable and impactful community members—nominated by you!—in our annual “Distinguished Dozen” series, which will get started on Christmas Day.

The call for nominations comes at a difficult time; our community is still grieving and processing over the heartbreaking tragedy that saw three UVa students lose their lives and two more go to the hospital. But even in moments of such pain, it’s our duty to recognize the people who work selflessly—in big and small ways—to help others.

We are eager to hear your stories—of passion projects, of tireless volunteers that go above and beyond, of simple good gestures that ripple long after the moment is over. Tell us who has made a big difference to you or the community, or both, and why this person is so special. We will review the names that you send us and select 12 for our series, which will run at the end of the year.

Please fill out this nomination form or send your nominations by Dec. 10 to Lynne Anderson at, along with your contact information and a short description of your candidate. Nominations will be considered on a rolling basis. We look forward to hearing from you, and we appreciate the opportunity to share the stories of so many honorable members of the community. Thank you for your assistance.


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