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Extensive damage reported at Ace Biscuit & Barbecue after break-in

A popular Charlottesville barbecue restaurant has temporarily closed its doors after a reported break-in Friday night resulted in extensive damage to the establishment.

Ace Biscuit & Barbecue on Concord Avenue in the city’s Rose Hill neighborhood posted on Facebook Saturday that it would be closed for a week as it works to repair damage.

Photos the business posted online show the glass of its front door shattered, computer screens and bathroom mirrors smashed, chunks of porcelain broken off of bathroom sinks and toilets, liquor bottles broken behind the bar, ingredients strewn about the kitchen and the dining room littered with trash.

"Unfortunately we had a break in at Ace last night, and had significant damage," the business said in a Saturday morning Facebook post. "We are not going to be able for the rest of the week while we clean, repair, replace….. But we’ll be back soon!"

In a second post Saturday afternoon, the business said it was grateful for the outpouring of support it has received from the community since its original statement.

"We thank everyone for the support and really appreciate the community for having our backs on this. We are trucking along and getting what we can, as fast as possible. Can’t wait to start smoking again," Ace said.

Responding to commenters asking if there was anything they could do to support staff while the business was closed, Ace said, "We have a plan to make sure everyone gets the money they need while we are closed. But if anything comes up and we need to reach out to the community, you’ll hear about it."

No one at the business was available to take calls from The Daily Progress Saturday afternoon, and inquiries to the email address for Ace’s catering business bounced back.

The Charlottesville Police Department did not immediately respond to a Daily Progress inquiry regarding any criminal investigation.

Ace has been under new ownership for almost exactly a year.

The barbecue shop’s original chef and owner, Brian Ashworth, announced the business would be closing on March 10 of 2023, after 11 years in operation. Less than two weeks later, Charlottesville restaurateur Stefan Friedman announced he had purchased the business and would be keeping its doors open.

Friedman is a former venture capitalist who in the 1990s helped develop digiTRADE, the first online stock trading platform. In recent years, has turned his attention to hospitality and business turnarounds. Outside of Ace, he also owns the Bonny & Read seafood restaurant on the Downtown Mall, formerly Brasserie Saison, and is part of the trio of new owners behind the revamped Littlejohn’s deli on the Corner.


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