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Family of missing Greene County man asks for public's help

Jake Fahlfeder was expected at his mother’s place on July 18. He never showed.

Virginia has more than 350 open missing persons cases, according to the most recent information updated by the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System. Now Jake Fahlfeder of Greene County is one of those cases, and his family is asking for the public’s assistance finding him.

“This is completely out of the norm for him, and we are just asking people to please, please check cameras, dash cams, ring doorbells, anything, trail cams, anything that you can think of if you’re in that area, to check and see if you see him,” Kayla Fahlfeder told The Daily Progress.

Jake Fahlfeder, 31, was last seen around 7 p.m. on July 18 in Ruckersville, according to the Greene County Sheriff’s Office. Since then, he has not returned home or shown up to his workplace in Arlington, police said.

“What happened was on Tuesday night, he went out to get cigarettes and he was supposed to be coming back to the house to hang out with my mom,” Kayla Fahlfeder, sister of Jake Fahlfeder, said. “My mom showered, and I guess she fell asleep. When she woke up, he hadn’t come back and she sent him a text message saying, ‘Oh that Sheetz must have been in California,’ or something like that. You know, joking about how long it took him to go get cigarettes.”

Jake Fahlfeder didn’t talk to his mother every day, according to his sister. It got worrisome when others reached out asking about him two days after he was supposed to come home and he hadn’t shown up for work.

“It wasn’t unheard of for her [Fahlfeder’s mother] to not get a message from him every day, and on Thursday his boss and his friend called my mom and said, ‘Jake never showed up for work. Have you seen him? Do you know where he’s at? We can’t get a hold of him.’ And that made my mom panic, so she of course started calling him, his phone was going straight to voicemail. And that’s when she made the missing persons report,” Kayla Fahlfeder said.

The search for Jake Fahlfeder has now entered its second week.

The likelihood that a person’s life is in danger significantly increases after the first 72 hours, according to criminologists. After that time, witnesses’ memories begin to fade.

His family received an update about his car being found near “Lake Gordonsville, Bowler’s Mill Lake” and a tip that he may have been spotted at a gas station, according to his sister.

“The most recent thing that we’ve gotten is that they did search the lake near where his car was found and they didn’t find him,” she said. “There was no signs of him, no signs of his wallet or keys. And the tip that we had gotten that he might have possibly been seen at a gas station, close to where his car was found — we got the security footage from there, and unfortunately, he was not on the security footage, so we don’t believe that it was him.”

The sheriff’s office has still been unable to locate Fahlfeder, but it continues to search the area, officials told The Daily Progress. Multiple jurisdictions are pulling resources together, including drone, dive and canine teams, in an effort to find him, those officials added.

“This isn’t something that Jake has ever done,” Kayla Fahlfeder said. “He’s never packed up his things, or not packed up his things, and just disappeared. He’s never gone this long without talking to someone whether it be his friends, his family, somebody.”


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