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Female-run, boutique printing press opens virtual operation in Barboursville

An international, female-run “boutique hybrid press” recently opened a virtual operation in the Virginia Piedmont.

Authors, editors and entrepreneurs Caroline Topperman and Andi Cumbo launched Mountain Ash Press, headquartered in Barboursville, with the intention of supporting writers at any stage of their publishing journey, according to a statement.

The Orange County endeavor also operates out of Toronto, Canada.

“Storytelling lies at the heart of the human journey,” according to the group’s mission statement. “Publishing takes storytelling to a whole new level. We are field guides to this steep terrain.

“Our job is to help you navigate hidden paths and choppy waterways. We help you bridge your dream with the great wide world. We help you find your footing. Your book will not fall by the wayside once you reach out and connect us to your vision. We can see the path. Let us help you see it too.”

Cumbo said the goal is to guide authors through the publishing journey.

“Whether they need editing, help in deciding which publishing route to take or simply want someone to manage the tasks of loading their book to retailers, we are here to help,” she said.

Topperman is a trained screenwriter and book coach who has published two titles of her own. Her international family background gives her a rich sense of place and time from which to guide writers in their work to bring their stories to the world, according to the release.

Cumbo is a former English professor and self-published author who has more than a decade’s experience in the publishing world. Her deep love of stories and writers evokes a deep investment in each author’s book, according to Mountain Ash Press.

“After years of talking, laughing and lamenting about the challenges of the publishing word, we decided to join forces and bring you Mountain Ash Press,” according to the LinkedIn profile.

The duo selected the name, Mountain Ash, for the new business endeavor for several reasons.

“Since we straddle two countries we were looking for a plant that could be found in both of them. The mountain ash jumped out at us since it’s tough and it can endure a harsh winter in style with its bright red berries,” the partners said in an email. “The literary world is a tough one to crack, as is starting a new business, and we wanted that to be reflected in our name. We want our clients to know that we are resilient and that Mountain Ash Press will make them a priority when they work with us.”

Its inaugural writing retreat will be held this November in Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario, with Canadian writer Susan L. Scott.


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