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Fire damages Lake Monticello home

LAKE MONTICELLO – Firefighters used a garden hose along with more standard equipment to douse a fire in the basement of a Lake Monticello home Tuesday morning.

Firefighters responded to a Lake Monticello house fire this morning after a neighbor reported seeing smoke. There were no injuries and the cause of the fire near Beach 5 is still under investigation, according to officials.

“At approximately 8:37 a.m., the Lake Monticello Fire Department, Palmyra Fire Company and Fork Union Fire Company were dispatched to the 700 block of Jefferson Drive for a reported structure fire with visible smoke from the eaves of the structure and fire alarms sounding from inside the residence,” said Lake Monticello Fire Chief Richie Constantino.

When firefighters arrived, they noticed that the home appeared to be unoccupied.

“There were no vehicles in the driveway nor residents outside the home,” Constantino said. “Firefighters entered the residence by the front door and discovered heavy smoke banked down to the floor. Firefighters entered the home to conduct a primary search for any potential victims and to locate the fire.”

No victims were found, the chief said.

“Simultaneously, firefighters went to the rear of the structure, to the area of a walk-out basement, where they observed the basement windows heavily smoke stained with a thick smoke inside,” Constantino said.

Firefighters forced open the basement door and broke to let out heat and smoke from the interior and make it easier to see. Getting smoke out of the house would also assist anyone trapped inside, officials said.

Firefighters than grabbed a nearby garden hose and went inside, discovering fire in a basement bedroom and surrounding areas. They used the garden hose to hold the fire at bay until an actual firehose could be run into the basement.

Once the big hose was applied to the blaze, the fire was quickly extinguished.

A secondary and more methodical search of the structure for potential victims was conducted, confirming that the home was empty, according to Constantino.

Specialized positive pressure fans were placed into operation to evacuate the remaining smoke and products of combustion from the structure while firefighters looked for fire that may have worked into the walls or made its way upward in the home.

The cause of this fire is currently under investigation by investigators of the Lake Monticello Fire Department and the Fluvanna County Sheriff’s Office.

Lake Monticello Rescue Squad, Lake Monticello police Fluvanna County Sheriff’s deputies also responded to the scene.


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