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From podcasts to whiskey: Sam Morril's projects lead right back to stand-up

Sam Morril is staying busy these days. He’s enjoying “Games with Names,” a new sports podcast he hosts with NFL wide receiver Julian Edelman, and he recently appeared on “That’s My Time with David Letterman.”

The New York-based comedian even has his own Bodega Cat Whiskey, which he and fellow comic Mark Normand recently released to toast the “We Might Be Drunk Podcast” they co-host. And his fourth stand-up special, “Sam Morril: Same Time Tomorrow,” can be seen on Netflix.

All of Morril’s projects seem to bring him right back to his primary interest: stand-up comedy with a live audience.

“That’s the thing I’m best at,” Morril told The Daily Progress. “I find the other stuff I do is just feeding the stand-up. It’s all about the stand-up.”

That’s also what’s bringing him back to Charlottesville. Morril will perform at 7 p.m. on Wednesday at the Paramount Theater on the Downtown Mall as part of his “Class Act Tour.”

“It’s a new tour. I really hope you like it,” said Morril, who previously has performed at the Southern Café and Music Hall. “Charlottesville’s a great city. I’m really looking forward to getting back there.”

Expect plenty of fresh material, because the headlines never slow down. “It’s all-new jokes. Same songs; the same old abortion, dating stories, mass shootings,” he said.

One of the benefits of live stand-up during hectic times in history is “for one thing, people are laughing,” Morril said. “Disarming people helps. There’s always people with different opinions. Even if you don’t agree with what I’m saying, I hope you can find it funny. In the room, most of the folks can get what you do.”

The tour’s name comes from the fact that “I like to give myself sarcastic compliments,” he said. “It’s a funny way to describe yourself.”

The whiskey project grew out of a humorous conversation on the “We Might Be Drunk” podcast.

“We’d been drinking vodka, so we just threw out there that we wanted a whiskey,” Morril said. “State-by-state distribution has been a pain in the butt.” Fans who’d like to sip it while listening to the podcast can find it at

The sports-loving comedian enjoys diving into basketball, football and other timely topics with Edelman on “Games With Names.”

“Julian is fun to work with,” Morril said. And he finds their guests quite entertaining.

“Eli Manning was great. He was one of my favorite guests,” Morril said, complimenting Manning’s “wacky sense of humor.”

“He and [brother and fellow former NFL quarterback] Peyton [Manning] are great on the air. I showed up in an Eli Manning jersey, because that’s my only Giants jersey.”

Appearing on late-night legend David Letterman’s Netflix show was a treat, too.

“He’s the best, and it was pretty cool to be on with Dave,” Morril said. “He’s so warm. You can tell he’s pretty excited to be there.”

Taking on the rigors of a nightly late-night show like the one that made Letterman a household name isn’t on Morril’s wish list at the moment.

“I’ve never really made a run for it,” he said. “If I were to do something like that, it would have to be very different.” For now, he relishes sticking to podcasts, where “the landscape is completely different.”

Morril is savoring the chance to spend time in person with audiences on the “Class Act Tour,” and he’s in no hurry to commit to the next project.

“I’m not in a rush right now. There’s no point,” he said. “I can take a deep breath and shoot when I’m ready.”

Tickets to Wednesday’s show are $37.50. Get them from the Paramount’s box office in person, through or by phone at (434) 979-1333.


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