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Gilmore sues city police officers following unlawful detention

LaQuinn Gilmore, a local musician, has filed a federal lawsuit against six Charlottesville police officers following a January unlawful detention.

Filed Thursday in federal court, the lawsuit alleges that six city police officers violated his First, Fourth and 14th Amendment rights when he was thrown to the ground during the Jan. 11 incident.

Only one of the officers, Joseph Wood, is named in the complaint. Wood is no longer a part of the police department as a result of his actions but the Charlottesville Police Department has refused to identify the other officers involved.

The complaint furthers statements previously made by Gilmore that he was thrown to the ground, handcuffed and searched before being released without being charged. The interaction began after Gilmore pulled his car over to vomit due to sickness caused by an antibiotic he was prescribed for a hand injury, per the lawsuit.

According to the complaint, as a result of Wood’s actions, Gilmore suffered a closed head injury with concussion, a lower leg contusion and acute bilateral thoracic back pain.

Following the incident, Gilmore filed an internal affairs complaint with the police department. An internal affairs investigation found that Wood had unlawfully detained Gilmore but denied various other claims, including excessive force.

“Though Mr. Gilmore fully cooperated with the Internal Affairs Division of the CPD, responsive (and responsible) cooperation from the department has not been forthcoming,” Gilmore’s attorney, Jeff Fogel, wrote in a news release. “CPD refused to show us any video from the scene, refused to tell us the names of the other officers present and, most recently, the city attorney reneged on an agreement we made with CPD to simply provide us with a copy of Mr. Gilmore’s statement to them.”

The lawsuit requests a trial by jury and unspecified compensatory damages, attorney’s fees and further relief as the court may deem just and proper.


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