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Greene County introduces new mass communications system

Greene County is introducing a new mass communications system for emergency notifications that can be sent directly to mobile phones.

The new system, CivicReady, will be replacing the county’s current system, CodeRed, this coming February.

“CivicReady is a free opt-in communications service that allows users to customize their notification preferences and will allow non-emergency information to be sent to those who subscribe based on their choices,” the county said in a statement announcing the transition. “Users will be able to choose their preferred language to receive alerts and the type of messages they prefer.”

Greene County residents, visitors, businesses and employees are encouraged to opt in to the system.

“The ability to notify residents in an emergency is only as good as the database of numbers,” the county said. “It’s especially important that residents include cell phones as a means for communication to receive alerts no matter where you are within the community. Additionally, many people only have cell phones for communication, therefore linking it to your home address is vitally important in case of address-specific emergency alerts.”

Those interested can sign up online at In addition to emergency notifications, users can subscribe to receive nonemergency information from the county government, sheriff’s office, water and sewer authority, parks department and registrar’s office.

Those interested in receiving only emergency text messages can simply text “GCVA” to 38276.

“We are proud to be partnering with CivicReady,” Melissa Meador, the county’s director of emergency services, said in a statement. “The system will certainly enhance public safety efforts within Greene County by conveying important information to our citizens in the event of an impending or occurring emergency. We highly encourage everyone to sign up.”

This new system is part of an overhaul of the entire Greene County government website which the county says will improve transparency and communications with the public. Once the website is fully updated, emergency alerts will also feature on its front page.


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