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Halloween safety tips: Drive slowly, watch out for kids little and big

Halloween is finally here, and little and big kids are ready to hit the houses. The National Safety Council urges people to drive carefully, watch out for kids and to slow down.

Kids will be excited and may be darting in and out of dark places, including driveways and alleys. If you’ll be backing out of your own driveway, remember that little ones likely will be out early — and older kids will be out later.

The safety group also reminds drivers that children may be walking in spaces they don’t typically walk in, such as medians, curbs and outside of crosswalks. The best thing to do is to arrive home before the trick-or-treating begins, the safety group suggests, and to stay put.

Also, Halloween is not the night for inexperienced drivers to go on the road. Ditto for those whose night vision is compromised. And, of course, those who have imbibed alcohol or used a medication or drug that slows or alters their ability to respond should not drive at all.

Experts suggest that parents escort young children. Kids should wear reflective and flame-retardant costumes.

It is also a good time to remind children to never get into a car with strangers — even if they look like an angel.

Adults can also help at Halloween by managing their schedules so that they are not rushing to get home from work, possibly driving fast or carelessly.


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