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Joshua Carp drops out of City Council race

Erstwhile City Council candidate Joshua Carp announced on Wednesday evening that he is dropping out of the race.

“So I got into the City Council race at the last minute because I hadn’t seen some critical issues discussed with sufficient urgency or detail,” Carp said on Twitter. “I still think this, but I also figured out that trying to run for office is incompatible with having existing issues with anxiety.”

Carp, a software engineer, would have run on a platform focused on affordable housing, climate change, and public safety.

“The only reason I felt like I should run in the first place was that the many, many left and progressive folks that I was hoping to support didn’t run, because they had the good sense not to!” Carp tweeted. “Being on council seems exclusive and unpleasant, and I admire everyone who does it, even the folks I don’t agree with. But imagine the kind of council we could have if more people could run.”


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