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Local company gets patent for software that enables analysis of health data from different file types

A Charlottesville-based company has received a patent for a software system that will allow doctors, nurses, hospitals, clinics and others in the medical world to analyze data contained in their records, even if that data is stored in different file types, using different software or storage methods.

“We are thrilled to reach this pivotal milestone with the issuance of our first patent, as it fortifies our intellectual property portfolio,” said Jeff Gunther, founder and chief executive officer of Metaform, the invention studio that developed the software.

An invention studio is an organization that encourages researchers to look differently at an issue to find new ways to address a problem.

“The broad claim protection that the [patent] granted validates the breadth of our technology’s novelty, strengthens our position as we engage potential partners, and sets the stage for significant growth,” Gunther said.

The patent is for Metaform’s data fabric software designed for medical care providers. A data fabric allows for the creation of complete views of data to connect different sources and infrastructure types no matter whether they are stored in the office, on the cloud or a mix.

The software allows analysis of data without difficult and complicated processes of integrating information.

“Despite the advances made in data science and analytics in health care, the entire industry is still beholden to a technological holdover from the 1980s,” said Gunther. “We started over three years ago to completely reimagine how to integrate disparate health information sources in situ, across the continuum of care, by leveraging metadata.”


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