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Man working in Albemarle County tree rescued after losing consciousness

A man working in a tree in an Albemarle County subdivision had to be rescued after suffering a medical emergency that knocked him unconscious on Wednesday morning.

The man was an employee with a tree company who was working in the 200 block of Fern Creek Lane in the Key West subdivision outside of Charlottesville, according to Albemarle authorities.

“He was about 40 feet high,” county spokeswoman Abbey Stumpf told The Daily Progress on Thursday.

Stumpf said that bystanders at the scene called 911 and career and volunteer units from the county were dispatched to the scene shortly before 10:45 a.m. and arrived within six minutes of the call.

She said Albemarle’s Fire Rescue Technical Rescue Team used an aerial ladder to reach the man.

“He had his rigging and his spikes and everything on, so he had his safety equipment on. So when they got up there, they were able to help him onto the bucket part of the aerial truck ladder,” Stumpf said.

The man was then lowered to the ground, she said, where he was assessed at the scene by paramedics.

He was not taken to the hospital.

Stumpf said she was not certain whether the man had regained consciousness before or after he reached the ground on Wednesday.

Stumpf described the county’s Technical Rescue Team as a highly specialized unit of the Fire Rescue operation.

The Technical Rescue Team, she said, provides services for complex rescue situations that require an advanced level of training. Response types include high- and low-angle rescues, light and heavy vehicle extrication, straight wall trench collapse, confined space rescue and machinery rescue.

“If there’s somebody in a confined space or super high, underground, in more of a technical need,” she said, “they’re the ones who train for those specific scenarios.”


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