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'Neighborhood kids' trespassed at the pool. Now this luxury apartment building has hired guards.

After “neighborhood kids” trespassed at a Charlottesville luxury apartment complex’s pool, management has hired guards.

While the single incident was cited in multiple emails regarding the escalation in surveillance and security, an employee for the management team at the 10th & Dairy apartments said the building’s owners and managers have been increasingly concerned for some time about the rise in violent crime in the city and surrounding neighborhood.

The management team at the apartment complex next to the Dairy Market food hall in the city said the property’s landlord, Stony Point Development Group, decided “to take additional measures regarding increasing security at 10th & Dairy and at The Dairy Market” after a group of young teens “snuck into the garage when the door was open after a vehicle left” and trespassed at the property’s outdoor pool on April 26, according to emails obtained by The Daily Progress.

In an April 27 email, property manager Rachel Snoddy encouraged residents to call the police on any children they believe don’t belong at the complex.

“If you encounter a group of kids that do not live here and we are not on-site, feel free to call the police,” Snoddy wrote.

She said that she had spoken with police about the April 26 incident and an officer had told her that it would be difficult for law enforcement to tell whether children on or around the property lived there or didn’t.

“I told him that most of the children that live here are not in the teen/tween age group, and a group of kids with no adult supervision will not be residents of our community,” Snoddy wrote.

In a May 12 follow-up email, Snoddy warned residents, “You will be seeing security guards in and around the community.”

She said the apartment’s management team had hired UpScale Security, the same company that provides security services for the Dairy Market food hall next door as well as Preston Plaza shopping center across the street.

A 10th & Dairy management employee, who asked not to be named, confirmed with The Daily Progress, “We expanded the patrols from the commercial market to the apartments.”

Under the new agreement with 10th & Dairy, unarmed security guards “were told not to come to the pool unless they get a complaint,” UpScale Security told The Daily Progress.

Snoddy said the guards do not currently have a fixed schedule.

“Their schedule will vary, so there may not always be someone available, but for now, we are hoping they will help deter any mischief,” Snoddy wrote.

Echoing her original email, Snoddy said that if security or management is not available, residents should call the police on any children who do not belong.

The employee who declined to provide their name emphasized that the “neighborhood kids” were not the only reason security has been upped.

Between a stabbing across from the Dairy Market in late April, a historic uptick local shootings and panhandlers trespassing on apartment property, the employee said residents have been requesting the property’s owner and managers increase security and surveillance.


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