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Nelson Commonwealth’s Attorney request VSP review of incident involving deputies, student

A day after students protested how the Nelson County Sheriff’s Office treated one of their peers, the county’s Commonwealth’s Attorney requested that Virginia State Police review the incident.

Last week, a sophomore at Nelson County High School had two of his teeth chipped at two officers wrestled him to the ground. The school division said the student became confrontational; the boy’s mom said he was just checking on his cousin who was involved in a fight broken up by the officers.

Nelson Sheriff David Hill was one of the officers who restrained the boy while he was facedown on the floor of the school.

A 58-second video posted on social media shows the boy on the ground while the officers work to handcuff the boy. Meanwhile, students are screaming at the men to get off the student.

The Nelson County school division canceled classes Friday, partly because of the incident. Schools were closed again Monday because of unspecified threats of violence, but classes resumed Tuesday.

Students at Nelson County High School walked out of class early Tuesday morning to continue to call attention to the case.

Amber Harper, the boy’s mother, said Monday that she wanted Virginia State Police to investigate the case because of the Sheriff’s involvement.

Daniel Rutherford, the Nelson County Commonwealth’s Attorney, said in a news release that his request requires approval from the state Attorney General and that he couldn’t comment further on the case.

“I understand that the community is concerned by the reports of this incident, many of which are circulating on social media,” Rutherford said in the release. “I urge the community to exercise patience while the Bureau of Criminal Investigation awaits approval from the Office of the Attorney General.”

VSP spokeswoman Corinne Geller said the agency was unable to comment because the request involves an elected official.


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