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'Not funny when it's real': Barboursville man accused of shooting firearm inside car filled with children

Police paperwork filed in the case of the man accused in late November of firing a gun and creating a “disorder” within a vehicle on Gordonsville Road has revealed additional details about the case.

A criminal complaint filed in the arrest of Anthony Wayne Martin, a 45-year-old Barboursville resident, alleges that an alcohol-fueled Martin discharged a handgun while riding inside a minivan with five children.

”S—t’s not funny when it’s real,” Martin allegedly exclaimed when a witness, another adult passenger, realized that Martin had fired the weapon, according to Albemarle County police detective Nic Richardson.

The Nov. 29 incident resulted in a misdemeanor reckless handling charge plus two felony charges: shooting in a vehicle and possession of a firearm as a felon.

Martin became a felon in 2019 with a pair convictions in Henrico County: possession of a controlled substance and child abuse.

The Nov. 29 shooting took place just north of Cismont on Gordonsville Road, also known as Route 231, while Martin was riding as a friend and passenger of Dwight and Amanda Boggs along with the couple’s five children, who range in age from 3 to 17.

The Albemarle detective asserted that Dwight Boggs, seated in the front passenger seat, had asked Martin, sitting directly behind him, to lower his voice.

”Dwight said that Anthony became very agitated and started yelling,” according to the detective’s account, which noted that the occupants then heard “a very loud bang.”

”Dwight said at first they thought they had blown a tire, so they pulled over and checked the tires which were still good,” the detective wrote.

It was only then that Martin said, “S—t’s not funny when it’s real,” that Dwight Boggs said he realized that their passenger had discharged a firearm, according to the detective’s account.

The revelation caused Dwight Boggs to grab Martin by the shoulders and restrain him while his wife drove to a dollar store in Gordonsville.

While his wife went inside for help, he “was able to bear hug Anthony and disarm him,” according to the criminal complaint, which asserted that the Gordonsville Police Department recovered a 9mm firearm and saw a bullet hole in the passenger door.

”I spoke with Anthony Martin who had slurred speech and smelled of alcohol,” Richardson wrote, adding that Martin admitted to drinking beer and bourbon prior to getting into the vehicle. However, the detective asserted that Martin did not admit to discharging the gun.

”He said he was sitting in the middle passenger seat but denied knowing anything about a firearm or hearing a firearm go off,” Richardson wrote.

Law enforcement reported finding two 9mm magazines inside the vehicle.

Martin has a hearing slated for Feb. 15 in Albemarle County General District Court. He also faces two misdemeanor charges in Orange County General District Court: brandishing and gun possession as a felon. He is being held at Central Virginia Regional Jail in Orange and is represented by Hannon Wright.


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