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Petroleum product seepage source sought

State environmental officials are investigating the source of petroleum that is seeping into a Meadow Creek tributary near the intersection of Emmet Street and Angus Road.

The portion of the unnamed stream into which the petroleum is leaking flows between private properties and is not readily accessible to the public. The location is on the east side of the intersection.

“We have not confirmed the source of the point as yet, but we believe it could be from an underground tank,” said Eli Connell, with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality. “We’re not sure yet how long it’s been leaking.”

Absorbent containment booms have been placed around the seepage to block the petroleum from making its way downstream and have been replaced a couple of times, Connell said.

The leak is near Charlottesville Tire & Auto and the company is working with investigators to determine if the leak is from their property or not. Underground tanks near the site passed recent tests to determine if they were intact or leaking.

Connell said DEQ crews will take core samples near the seepage to determine how much petroleum is in the ground, how close it is to entering ground water and for how long it may have been leaking.

The core samples will also help pinpoint from where the petroleum comes.

“Once we get the core samples we’ll have a lot more information and we can determine what kind of mitigation measures are needed,” Connell said.


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