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Planning commission OKs Three Notch’d expansion

Charlottesville’s own Three Notch’d Brewing Company is planning to make the leap from micro- to small brewery.

The Charlottesville Planning Commission has approved a special use permit for the brewery based at IX Art Park to expand its production from 15,000 barrels to 30,000 barrels per year.

“We were approaching the upper limit of what we are allowed to produce under our current zoning, so the next designation up would be up to 30,000 barrels,” Three Notch’d founder and President Scott Roth told The Daily Progress on Wednesday. “That’s not something we will be hitting any time in the very near future, but we needed to bump up to that class to continue to grow the brewery.”

Roth said the expansion is sure to create additional job opportunities as the business continues to grow over the next several years.

The planning commission voted to approve the request at a meeting on Tuesday. City Council will vote on the request at its next meeting on Feb. 6.

If City Council approves the request, Three Notch’d will officially evolve from a microbrewery into a small brewery.

If that happens, customers shouldn’t expect much to change at the Charlottesville location, according to Roth. The building will remain the same; the employees inside will just be brewing more frequently.

Roth said the planning commission will inspect and test the Three Notch’d property to determine whether it is in compliance with public utility guidelines before City Council reviews the request in February. The company must pass the planning commission’s utility tests before City Council can approve its special use permit.

The beer business is booming in Charlottesville, and the expansion would put Three Notch’d in a better position to compete with other breweries in the area.

The city of Charlottesville is home to more than 15 breweries that vary in theme, ambiance and specialty.

Three Notch’d is based in Charlottesville, taking its name from the Colonial Three Notch’d Road that passed through the city. The brewery has additional locations in Richmond, Roanoke, Harrisonburg and Virginia Beach.


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