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Santa Fund donations for Jan. 5, 2021


In honor of all health care providers in Central Virginia, $200

Charlottesville Volunteer Fire Company, $50

Harry A. Wright’s Inc., $100

In memory and honor of Molson, Molly Pitcher, Whitney, Dixie and Molly, so much unconditional love, $200

Julie, David and Joey, $300

Anonymous in honor of all parents who are trying their best, $500

In celebration of Derek and Kyla, $500

Matthew and Mary Murray, $250

In memory of Mary, Will, Jean and Tim, $100

In recognition of all the General Surgery Operating Room Nurses at UVa- Our Frontline Heroes! John and Bonnie Hanks, $100

In memory of my parents, $150

In honor of Chris Thomas and Caroline, $75

In honor of our extraordinary family. George and Paula Stone, $100

In loving memory of Vern Maxa; Grandma Maxa; Grandpa Bill & Grandma Warring; Big Jim, Virginia, Butch & Eddie Brown; Richard & Dee Dee Connellee; Henry & Doris Wade; Jim & Mama Jo Nelms; Wilfred “88 Keys” Wilson; Nancy Heintzleman; Fred Kain; Chester Davis; Jack & Dick Marr; Orbin Carter; Herbert Pickford; Tom Nolan; Darden Towe; Ben Hurt; Bob Sandell; T.E Wood; Joe & Betty Bingler; Dan Robinson; Jim Taylor; George Goodrich Sr.; Cary & Celia Branch; Bob Huff; Fred & Anne McCormick; Peck Whitcomb; Joe Fix; Ernie Flynn; Cliff McClure; Brenda Gentry; Karen Shifflett; Pam Melampy; David Shipp; Dianne Washburg; Jenny Tucker; Fran Maynard; Willie Jenkins; Ned Clausen; Craig Van de Castle; Nelson Mandela; Evelyn Barbour; Bradley Joyce; Cynthia, Jeremy, & Camdon Morris; Chris Vlasis; Randy Rhoads; Kenny Houchens; Cody Dalton; and Big Baby & Lady, $200

In memory of Frank Morris, $100

In honor of Karli and Zahara Dudley, $50

In memory of Robert August, Maude and Clarence Mayo, $200

In memory of my parents Ernest and Flora and sister Janet, $75

In loving memory of Ernie the Attorney, $250

In memory of dear ones, $50

Many thanks to those who have given unselfishly to pandemic cause!! $50

Anonymous, $200


RUNNING TOTAL: $184,966.84

GOAL: $175,000

OVER GOAL BY: $9,966.84


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