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Santa Fund donations for Jan. 8, 2021


In honor of all of the health care workers who are working 24-7 to save lives. Anonymous, $5,000

In honor of John and Alison Greig, $500

In honor of Steve and Nancy Palm, $500

Anonymous, $50

Richard and Elizabeth Leukroth, $100

In memory of our brothers, Charlie and Lynn, $50

Timothy and Katherine Tryon, $25

Anonymous, $205.12

In honor of Rick and Peggy Carter, $25.64

In honor of Micah and Max, $51.28

Ron and Cindy Floor, $102.56

In honor of Mollie & Maddie, $25.64

TODAY’S TOTAL: $6,635.24

RUNNING TOTAL: $198,186.38

GOAL: $175,000

OVER GOAL BY: $23,186.38


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