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Stuff the Bus this weekend with Louisa County Public Schools

Louisa County Public Schools are looking to stuff the bus — but not with students.

The division is holding its school supplies drive this weekend. Volunteers will be collecting donations of school supplies for the annual Stuff the Bus event.

“We just really appreciate the support that we receive here every single year,” Andrew Woolfolk, spokesman for the Louisa school division, told The Daily Progress. “We couldn’t do it without amazing volunteers, a great community and great organizations and businesses all throughout Louisa County that support us and help us spread the word.”

The division has gathered volunteers from across the community to help with this year’s event.

“We’ve got just great volunteers,” Woolfolk said. “We do volunteer groups in two hour shifts, and it’s PTA members, it’s first responders, it’s teachers, it’s administrators, it’s students. We have sports teams coming out later. We have the band coming up here."

All basic school supplies are welcome, but there’s a few things the division needs most.

“It is amazing no matter how many donations you get of paper, glue sticks and markers how quickly you go through those," Woolfolk said. “Those are the basics, but also they are the basics for a reason because they are items that students go through real quick throughout the year. So those are the things that we are looking to collect the most of.”

The division hit a record last year in boxes of school supplies collected, according to Woolfolk. This year’s goal is to top that record.

“Our record is 89 of the medium-size boxes, so we’re looking to beat that this year,” Woolfolk said. “The goal is 100 boxes, and that’s what we’re looking to set.”

The event will be held 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday at the Walmart in Zion Crossroads, according to Woolfolk.

“We collect the supplies and then we divvy them out to all of our six schools,” Woolfolk said. “The main focus is on getting them in the hands of students who need a little extra help, but also for teachers if they have some projects that they’re working on with their classes we make it available to them as well.”


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