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The key to a lush green lawn — aeration and seeding

Summer is here — the toughest time of year for your lawn. With the heat, rainy weather and outdoor living, over the next two months most lawns will need extra care.

For optimal lawn care tips, let’s turn to an expert and learn what you can do to ensure a beautiful, lush lawn each summer.

“Aeration and seeding is the most important way to achieve a thick green lawn in the spring. Proper aeration and seeding will fill in thinning lawns and brown spots,” said Will McEwen, technical quality adviser for Virginia Green, the top aeration and seeding service in Virginia. “And even if your yard is still healthy, you need aeration and seeding to build on that platform and keep it that way.”

McEwen explained everything you need to know about the aeration and seeding process.


The normal ways we use a lawn — simply walking across it or even mowing — together with the hot weather will eventually compact the soil. This blocks water, nutrients and oxygen from reaching the roots of your lawn. In aeration, two-to-three-inch cores are pulled from the ground, leaving small holes that increase circulation so your lawn can thrive again. Over time, the cores begin to melt away and the holes will fill in.


The preferred grass for Virginia is tall fescue. It’s strong, versatile and drought resistant, with a rich green color — but it won’t regenerate and has to be reseeded every fall. It’s important to aerate before seeding, though, because the holes give the seeds a place to rest and stay moist, which produces the best results.

When to aerate and seed

Late August to early November is the optimal time to aerate and seed. The nights are starting to cool off, and throughout fall and winter, the seed can grow and mature, so that when summer arrives it will be able to withstand the heat. If you wait until spring to plant, the grass won’t have enough time to grow strong before summer arrives.

Getting the job done right

While there are hand tools — backbreaking work — and rental machines, they can’t really match a job done with the most advanced equipment and experienced operators.

“Virginia Green uses top of-the-line machinery to make sure our customers get the best results,” said McEwen. “And the professionals we send to your home have received in-depth training for our state-of-the-art equipment.”

The type, quality and quantity of the seeds will also determine how lush your lawn will look.

Virginia green uses a proprietary mix that’s 97% fescue and 3% Kentucky bluegrass — and they use a generous 5 to 6 pounds for every 1,000 feet. That’s a really healthy amount to thicken the existing lawn and fill in any areas that were lost in the summer.

The attention to detail Virginia Green gives to every aspect of their business can even be seen in the way they source their seeds.

“We individually selected the grass that we put into your yards. We met our vendor — we’re very happy with the cultivars they produce — and we’ve seen that their seeds perform the best in our area,” said McEwen. “We’re a local company and this local expertise is what gives us the edge over our competition.”

Click here to learn more about aeration and seeding with Virginia Green.

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