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Thieves break into 20 vehicles near Lake Monticello

LAKE MONTICELLO – Thieves broke into an estimated 20 vehicles near Lake Monticello early Tuesday morning, tossing the contents and stealing items, including one vehicle.

The Fluvanna County Sheriff’s Office and Lake Monticello Police Department are investigating the string of thefts that they say appeared to be concentrated to the Lake Monticello area of Jefferson Drive between the Slice and Riverside Gates as well as in the Sycamore Square subdivision.

The Sheriff’s Office and Police Department said one vehicle was also stolen from Lake Monticello and subsequently recovered in Sycamore Square. They are asking the community for help in the investigation.

“It is believed these break-ins occurred between the hours of 2:30 a.m. and 5 a.m.,” officers said in a statement. “Surveillance videos in the area appear to show two different subjects, one in dark clothing with their face covered and one in light clothing with a hood and wearing a backpack. These subjects are believed to be involved.”

The Sheriff’s Office is requesting that anyone in the area who has home surveillance cameras review videos for suspicious activity.

“If you have any information or video footage, please contact the Fluvanna County Sheriff’s Office,” the officers said. “Even if you believe the footage is insignificant it may be a help us with timelines or to validate other tips.”

Tips can be called in to the sheriff’s office at (434) 589-8211 and may be anonymous.

“This serves an important reminder to always lock your vehicles and remove valuables whenever you park your car, even at your own home,” officers said. “Most thieves are opportunistic and unlocked vehicles in population dense subdivisions make for easy targets.”


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