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UVa Chemistry Building evacuated due to 'hazardous mixture of chemicals'

The University of Virginia Chemistry Building was evacuated Thursday afternoon due to a possible safety risk from a "mixture of chemicals."

The lab containing the mixture was immediately isolated around 2 p.m., the school said. The rest of the building and a section of nearby McCormick Road were also closed while a team of professionals worked to neutralize and dilute the material before safely removing it from the building.

What occurred in the lab that made the mixture such a threat is not clear. The university’s emergency management and safety and security teams are investigating the matter, said UVa spokeswoman Bethanie Glover.

“The material was a mixture of organic and inorganic compounds,” Glover told The Daily Progress. “Experts evaluating the scene ultimately determined that the material was safe to remove from the building and that there was no threat of injury. The building was evacuated as a safety precaution while crews removed the material.”

The mixture of compounds was removed around 5 p.m. Thursday, and the surrounding roads and chemistry building were reopened. No injuries were reported at the scene.


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