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Would-be burglars caught on tape in Belvedere

Two men were captured on tape late Thursday night attempting to break into vehicles in the Belvedere neighborhood in Albemarle County.

Video from a Nest surveillance camera posted on Reddit on Friday shows two men wearing hoods and masks approach a parked truck outside of a residence and attempt to open the driver’s side door before finding it locked and walking away.

Other commenters on Reddit who identified themselves as neighbors said the same two men were spotted in the area around 3 a.m. that night. Around the same time, they said, multiple units with the Albemarle County Police Department arrived on the scene and began patrolling the area.

Belvedere off Rio Road East just north of Charlottesville city limits is typically a quieter neighborhood, home to apartments, townhouses and single-family residences, parks and greens, a senior center, the Fairview Swim and Tennis Club and the field house for the Soccer Organization of Charlottesville-Albemarle.

Police spokeswoman Abbey Stumpf said the incident is a good reminder for residents everywhere to keep their cars locked and their valuables stowed away safely where they can’t be seen.

“We always encourage people to lock up their cars safely, make they lock them at night, make sure they’re not leaving any valuables in the vehicle especially if they can be seen from outside,” Stumpf told The Daily Progress. “And park in well-lit areas if you can.”

Stumpf said it is also important that drivers not keep keys to either their vehicle or their other property inside their unattended car.

“Make sure you always bring your vehicle’s key in with you, don’t leave it in the car,” she said. “There may be a valet key in your glove box. Always be sure to check that and don’t leave it.”

Stumpf said that people can always contact 911 if they witness a burglary and believe there is imminent danger to themselves or others. The Albemarle County Police Department also has a nonemergency line that is available at (434) 977-9041.

Those with information regarding a suspected crime can also contact the anonymous Crime Stoppers tip line by phone at (434) 977-4000 and by email at

“It’s very important that if people do capture any sort of criminal activity that they do report it to the Albemarle County Police Department,” Stumpf said.

This story was updated to say the surveillance footage was filmed in the Belvedere neighborhood in Albemarle County.


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