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Young man charged with brandishing in city-county arrest

A young man was arrested and a firearm recovered at an address in the Briarwood subdivision, according to a release from Albemarle County, which said its police officers made the arrest Monday, March 13. Torius Jihad Price, 21, has been charged in the city with brandishing a firearm, according to records in the Charlottesville General District Court.

Price is accused of the misdemeanor offense of pointing a weapon at an occupied residence. The woman who lodged the complaint alleged that Price and another person had laser sights on at least one extended-magazine handgun which was shined onto her Belmont home on March 5. She asserted that she dove away from a window with her baby to get away, according to the Charlottesville police report.

Both Charlottesville and Albemarle police have expressed frustration in recent months about guns in the hands of young people. In Virginia, a person as young as 18 can buy a shotgun or rifle. Pursuant to federal law, a person must wait to the age of 21 to buy a handgun.

Since September, 13 people in Charlottesville and Albemarle have been killed by firearms and 22 injured by gunfire. A majority of the victims and perpetrators have been in their teens or 20s.

The records show that Price is being held without bail pending a hearing with an attorney. That could come as soon as Thursday morning, according to the court records, which lists Peter Frazier as his court-appointed lawyer. The records also specify another hearing on May 25.


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