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Beautiful Etlan Virginia

Local Etlan and Madison County News
For news and updates on Etlan and the larger county of Madison, visit our news page.

Some History
Learn more about the history of Madison County Virginia to understand our rich heritage and role in the development of the USA throughout time.

Stay over and feel the magic
We get lots of visitors out here in Etlan. A lot of them are couples looking to unwind in beautiful country surrounds while enjoying great fresh food and wonderful wines we grow here locally.

Wine and Wine Tasting
Etlan is home to some really terrific wine makers. Come out, stay, drink and enjoy.

Our County Store
What we do without our local store. It’s worth a visit.

Local Etlan Economy
Etlan is a really nice kind of bedroom community. It doesn’t move real fast and many of us like it that way. There is a job market locally and in surrounding cities within the county. For information about local Etlan and Madison County jobs click there.