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Albemarle ARB backs portions of Brookhill development

More portions of the Brookhill development off U.S. 29 are moving forward.

On Monday, the Albemarle County Architectural Review Board provided feedback and recommended approval of two areas of the 277-acre development.

A portion of the development along the north side of Polo Grounds Road that will have nine buildings with a total of approximately 110 one- and two-bedroom units was recommended for approval.

Scott Collins, who was at the meeting representing the developer, said the units will be considered condos because people will own the unit but not the land.

“Then the way it’s set up, it’s parking on the lower level and then the bottom one is more like a one-level living unit, and then the third and fourth [floors] are split level, so that one is twice as big,” he said.

County staff said the southwest portion of the property was expected to be visible from U.S. 29, which is an entrance corridor, and they recommended additional details be added to the side of building at that corner.

“I don’t think we’ll see the side of the building, especially the way it’s sort of angled as it looks upon [U.S.] 29,” Collins said.

He said the owners wanted some flexibility in how they can work with the builders, but they were OK with adding a note that no unit be the same color as an adjacent unit.

The ARB members agreed that the front of part of the nine-building area will be more visible than will the side from U.S. 29.

The board also recommended approval of an initial site plan for 85 attached townhouses proposed for the northwest corner of the development. In 2018, the ARB recommended approval of an initial site plan for the corner, but a final site plan was not submitted by the deadline.

Most of the townhouses will not be visible from U.S. 29.

A rezoning approved by the Albemarle’s Board of Supervisors in 2016 allows for a maximum of 1,550 residential units in the entire development and 130,000 square feet of non-residential space.

A final site plan and building permits have been approved for a 317-apartment complex along U.S. 29 near the entrance of the development. A final site plan for a senior living facility is still under review.

A final site plan is under review for an ice rink within Brookhill that will be owned and operated by a nonprofit group, but the project is currently delayed.


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