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Lovin’ Spoonful bakery serves up classic and unconventional confections in Lovingston

Christine Druid moved to Lovingston to pursue her dream of opening up her own restaurant.

Now, in the back of the Heart of Nelson Artisan Collective is Druid’s bakery, Lovin’ Spoonful Cafe, and it’s stocked with lemon bars, ube sugar cookies, brownies and coffee.

“I felt that the name Lovin’ Spoonful was cute, because we’re in Lovingston,” Druid said.

Druid’s initial attempt at opening her restaurant in Lovingston didn’t go as planned. She originally had a business partner, and they received grants to open a restaurant in Lovingston Cafe’s old location but that fell through.

Druid then reapplied for a grant to open the restaurant by herself, and received $6,000 in grant money from the community business launch program.

Druid had a soft opening on May 24 and is now open every day.

“I started cooking when I was eight and my mom gave me an oatmeal cookie recipe that was in the family,” Druid said.

Druid has been cooking and baking ever since. Her favorite thing to make is Nutella chocolate cheesecake bites with an Oreo crust.

Druid said she’s self-taught and loves to get inspiration from cooking shows.

“I love the science in food. I think it’s so fun,” Druid said.

According to Druid, all of her baked goods are dye-free and she uses natural ingredients such as ube.

Ube is a purple sweet potato that is also known as a purple yam.

“It has a nutty vanilla flavor; the flavor is delicate,” Druid said.

Druid said she tried ube for the first time in a latte (which she has plans to make at her cafe in the future), and she saw it baked in a cake for the first time when looking for a birthday cake for her son who has celiac disease, an intestinal disorder caused by a reaction to gluten.

Druid has future plans to open a food truck where she can serve more than baked goods.

“Ultimately, the goal is to open a food truck in the yard here,” Druid said.

Druid said she’d have a full menu and serve soups and salads, all locally sourced like her baked goods.

“I love to feed people,” Druid said.

Druid said her daughter and granddaughter are planning on moving to Nelson to help with the restaurant.

“My granddaughter Chloe has already informed me that since it’s a family business she’s allowed to work for me and her job is going to be taster,” Druid joked.

Druid said Carla Quenneville with the Heart of Nelson has been the one inspiring her to not give up on the cafe and she probably wouldn’t have kept going without Quenneville’s support.

“She’s like my Energizer Bunny; she keeps me moving,” Druid said.

Druid said that Nelson has been welcoming to her since she arrived.

“Everyone looks out for each other; there’s a sense of community,” Druid said.

Druid said she is excited to continue meeting new people and having them try her food.

The cafe is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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