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Republican Cameron Hamilton wants Abigail Spanberger's seat in Congress

Cameron Hamilton is working his way to becoming the Republican candidate for Virginia’s 7th District congressional seat.

Since announcing his candidacy, the former U.S. Navy Seal has been picking up steam — and endorsements from GOP politicians, including Del. Nick Freitas of Culpeper and Rep. Bob Good, who leads the House Freedom Caucus. He recently won a straw poll at a Reagan Dinner held by the Culpeper County Republican Committee.

According to Hamilton, it was a call from Freitas that made him jump into the race. He said Freitas asked him if he’d be interested in running for the seat currently filled by Democratic Rep. Abigail Spanberger, who is not seeking reelection and instead running for governor in 2025.

“Nick approached me because of my values and my conservatism. Nick and I align fairly well on virtually everything politically,” said Hamilton. “The role of a federal legislator is unique in that there are nuanced issues that plague the federal government versus state and local governments, which are different, and so based upon my experience with him and based on his understanding of my political philosophy, he believed that I was the best candidate to run for public office here.”

The father of three said he believes the United States has backslid lately and thinks he can be a good servant-leader, which he said the 7th District desperately needs but currently does not have in Congress.

Virginia’s 7th Congressional District includes the counties of Stafford, Spotsylvania, Culpeper, Orange, Caroline, King George, Greene and Madison, as well as the city of Fredericksburg and parts of Prince William and Albemarle counties.

While Hamilton does hold some skepticism in how much of a role the federal government should play in local and state affairs, the Orange resident said he does see some areas where it can be useful in helping rural communities such as his district.

The self-proclaimed "fiscal hawk" said one example is federal assistance to farmers through the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation, which Hamilton said can offer different packages to help keep farmers stable. While he doesn’t believe most federal assistance programs are in the best interest of the taxpayer, he said the FCIC and the Tax Cut and Jobs Act, pushed by former President Donald Trump’s administration, are some of the few exceptions due to their ability to mitigate the costs and taxes farmers may feel.

Hamilton said he also supports simplifying the tax code in order to allow farmers in rural areas to keep more of their money. He’s an advocate for innovations in energy that can allow savings for agribusinesses, giving rezoning powers back to local governments and allowing hospitals to increase services for patients.

Hamilton said he’s a self-professed fan of "smart growth." He said he is not against data centers and sees their benefit when it comes to issues such as online purchases, but he has concerns developers may take advantage of localities using an army of lawyers using loose terms to get concessions. Hamilton added counties, such as Culpeper and Greene, should obtain the services of more lawyers that can even the odds.

“I think more boards should empower themselves by hiring better attorneys,” Hamilton said. “I think we’re seeing that in King George right now; they’ve actually hired Richard Stewart, their current state senator, to act as their county attorney to represent the board in negotiations with Amazon, for example, and they’ve made some significant headway in returning authority back to the board and pulling them away from private corporations, which were ultimately trying to leverage water rights and put more of an impasse on the back of the American taxpayer.”

Recently, another Republican candidate for the 7th District, Shaliek Tarpley, announced he was ending his campaign and endorsing Hamilton.

Tarpley said his decision was due to the Hamilton’s deep connection to the district going back four generations, compared to Spanberger, who he said doesn’t live in the district.

Spanberger and her family moved to Glen Allen, just south of the district lines in 2014.

“Shaliek is a friend. He’s also a brother in Christ, and we had some time to talk about this, and he approached me about his support of my campaign, and I was incredibly honored," Hamilton said. "I was aware of who he was, and I look forward to having healthy conversations about key issues about the district, and I was incredibly honored to hear about how he wanted to support my campaign.”


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