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Santa Fund donations for Dec. 19, 2019

Contributions to the Santa Fund are used to provide shoes, clothing, medicine, eyeglasses, school supplies and other essentials to children in need.

The Santa Fund, which was established in 1894 by The Daily Progress, serves Charlottesville and the counties of Albemarle, Buckingham, Fluvanna, Greene, Louisa, Madison, Nelson and Orange.

Please mail all contributions to: Santa Fund, 806 E. High St., Charlottesville, VA 22902. Donations also may be made at


» In loving memory of my parents from Barbara, $100

» In memory of: Harry, Winston, Tim, Ray, Randy, Bob, Elizabeth, Mavis, Francis, EC, Rana, Russell, Llewellyn, George, Ebb, BigJack, Janey, Windsor and Chip, $150

» In memory of Mom, Dad, and Nanny, $100

» In Memory of Monk McCauley, $50

» Barbara H. Fleming, $100

» In honor of our family, $100

» From Derry and Jeep, $100

» In memory of Steven Bruce Thompson, $35.89

» From Ace and Mac, $200

» In Loving Memory of George F. Smith from Erlyne, $50

» In memory of Mike, $102.56

» In Memory of Chester Davis, Madie Proffitt, Billy Proffitt and Buck Spencer, $50

» In memory of William, Guy and Kay, from Wick and Alice, $51.28

» Nancy Dettor, $100

» In memory of Lucian Hughes, $150

» From William and Renee Vollrath, $40

» Susan and Eugene Corbett, $100

» Lisa and Wilbur Mann, $102.56

» In memory of Tom and Susan Baber, $50

» In memory of Christine Beck, $100

» Elaine H. Harned, $100

» In memory of Bill Showker, $100

» Anonymous, $102.56

» Robert and Annette Minnis, $100

» In memory of Lucie Kelly, $50

» In loving memory of Mickey Tapscott from Doug, $100

» In memory of my favorite son, Mike Baber, $102.56

» For my Nelson County neighbors, $51.28

» Richard and Elizabeth Leukroth, $100

» In memory of Tom Guthrie, $100

» In loving memory of Casey Silas Lam, $100

Today’s total: $2838.69

Running total: $63,996.72

Goal: $175,000

To reach goal: $111,003.28


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