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Santa Fund donations for Dec. 29, 2019

Money collected by the Santa Fund, which is in its 125th year of serving Central Virginia, is used to buy clothing, shoes, medicine and other necessary items for children in need. The fund is sponsored by The Daily Progress and radio station WINA in conjunction with The United Way of Greater Charlottesville.

Please mail all contributions to: Santa Fund, 806 E. High St., Charlottesville, VA 22902. Donations also may be made at


» In memory of Gilbert, Vernell, Buddy, Donna, Joe, Edna and Randy, $350

» Susan Fletcher and Duane Ryder, $50

» Given by Doug and Charleene Frazier in honor of our grandchildren, $200

» Anonymous, $25

» In honor of my much-loved sons, CHG and CNG, $67

» In memory of Luther Yates Gore and Alfred and Dolores Elias, $102.56

» WMU Goshen Baptist Church, $25

» Louise and Kenny, $250

» In loving memory of my Himama — anonymous, $100

» Cedrick and Priscilla Harrington, $50

» Arnom and Julia Harris, $100

» Heiner Family Fund, $1,000

» For all good girls and boys, from Xander and Eli, $100

» David and Carol Hogg, $200

» LeBron and Kay Holden, $50

» In loving memory of Penny and Dorothy, $250

» In memory of Mick and Steve, from Roger, Maryann and 2 Barbaras, $60

» In loving memory of Dr. Eugene L. Kerewich, $100

» Anonymous, $100

» In honor of Hayden, Kate, Clare, Cecilia, Tim, $300

Today’s total: $3,479.56

Running total: $109,085.62

Goal: $175,000

To reach goal: $65,914.38


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