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Sutherland naming advisory committee appointed

Thirteen people will serve on the Sutherland Middle School advisory committee and review the school’s name, Albemarle County Public Schools announced Tuesday.

The committee will hold its first meeting Monday.

All county schools named after people will eventually go through a review process, after which the school could end up retaining its name.

Paul H. Cale Elementary was the first to be reviewed and renamed — starting July 1, it will be known as Mountain View.

After the Cale review, the division retooled the process to look at school names.

Now, the school community and advisory committee can either recommend a new name or to keep the current one.

Schools Superintendent Matt Haas announced last month that Sutherland would be the next school to go through the review.

Mortimer Sutherland, the school’s namesake, was a teacher and principal in the division, retiring in 1946, according to the division news release. Between 1954 and 1962, he served on the Albemarle County School Board and then the Board of Supervisors. The school was built in 1994.

The current name can be one of the three finalists; if Sutherland remains a recommendation, the committee will examine Sutherland’s contributions in light of the division’s current values, according to the policy.

The committee, made up of Sutherland principal Megan Wood, parents, teachers and other community members will meet March 2 for an organization meeting and to review a community survey that will be used to solicit ideas for the school’s name. At that meeting, the committee also will set the dates for two public meetings about potential names.

A student committee at Sutherland will work with a student representative who is serving on the advisory committee. The representative will keep students informed about the review process and will solicit name suggestions.

The committee’s recommendation regarding the school’s name will go to schools Superintendent Matt Haas. The School Board has the final say.

Those with questions or suggestions can email the advisory committee at


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